“So the original concept for this video series was to give some idea of where my inspiration for composing music comes from.  We thought we’d show some of my interests to offer some insight…. a trapeze episode, a yoga episode, a walking in the forest episode, at the table with my family …etc…What happened was, we realized that I’m always in the kitchen between all these episodes and people really like to cook and I wanted to show how we can make wonderful meals with simple ingredients we have at home…Plus, I like to nourish all the senses!!! So now they are all cooking videos! Yay!”


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the more i read about the universe and the space within atoms and the solar systems, the more i love the space between notes….

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I can’t. THat’s it. I just can’t stay focused or narrow down to 1 genre or style . It really makes life difficult for the people trying to work with me but I can’t help it!! To all of them,I apologize and thank them for their patience and indulgence!!I am VERY fortunate.

I agreed almost 2 years ago to put together  a latinish,smooth jazzISH,album and have been getting some great response in the U.S for ChaCha, so putting together another album in the same style…hahahaha but selecting the appropriate songs is tricky…..But then the other project jumps up and steals my attention and I am totally obsessed with creating a wonderful extravaganza all around a kiss….incorporating everything I love…circus, lights,big music ..then I get invited to do a “jazz singer” thing, so getting chops together for that…THEN, I feel like writing something quiet and small and totally simple so am consumed wtih a little song that is so flexible it can go in any direction….THHHEEEEEENNNNN, I remember that I have some tunes that would be great covered by other artists and some that are recorded by male artists and would be great in film and t.v. so thinking aobut getting those things going…..plus I need to bake some cookies!!!!

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So I did a little experiment on my morning walk today.I said “hello” to everyone I passed.

It sounded something like this:”Hello” “Hello” “Good Morning” “Hello” “Hi” Hello” “Good Morning” etc.

Then when I turned around to go back I thought,,,maybe people want to be left alone or are inherently shy ,or afraid of reaching out…..so I decided not to say hello until someone said it to me first….It sounded something

like this  ”……………………………………..”"morning” “Hello”………………”Hi ” “Good MOrning”…………………….


Which of course invites me to look at myself and start asking questions like” Am I too friendly?” “Do I bother People?”…(I know what my brother would say to that!!!) ….”Do I scare people?”…..And then I decided not to worry about it!!hahahahahhaha

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It seems that when I’m away my thoughts become softer and easier.

The walk along the beach in the morning, the yoga with Island breezes…(which will soon be done in India….interesting blogs to come!!) the warm sun…how can it not be peaceful.

It makes me want to bring peace to all the places where there has ben anxiety … You have to be peaceful inside before you can offer it..

It’s like improvising….it’s not the notes you play but the  ones you leave out, the spaces in between , that are important!

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I would like to acknowledge my mother .She has a wonderful way of making me feel better in a heartbeat!

A few weeks ago I was feeling very frustrated and uncomfortable.Feeling like I feel too much, think too much, see too much, want too much, perceive too much , need too much, love too much(well that’s impossible) but you get the picture.

I said to my mom”Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in….anywhere??” To which she replied

“EEEWWWW, Why would you EVER want to “fit in”?” And everything was all better!! Just like that!!

Thanks, Mommy

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So had a lovely rehearsal the other day for an upcoming event hosted and put together by the lovely Julie McGregor…Here is the link to the event  http://youtu.be/Z-rkLKCHLBs It will be fun!!

It will be fun because I’ll be accompanied by the wonderful Norm Amadeo on piano along with Duncan Hopkins

on bass and Cam Jobson on drums.

So had a little rehearsal with Norm the other day just to go over the tunes .Growing up in a family of musicians I’d heard Norms name most of my life but never met him. This was the first time .He is my father’s age. He knows my Dad and my uncles and my brothers…..His lovely wife remembered that “the Mele family lived on Elm street ,back when we were dating!” I immediately felt like I was with family! But the best part was when he started to play. I feel so comforted and safe and secure . I always feel that way playing with the old pros. It’s such a special calm feeling that only comes from them! They don’t have to prove themselves or impress with blah blah blah chords and licks all over the place. They just play. Isn’t that the best too?? That we say “play”?

What other realm can you be in, where you can keep on “playing” well into your senior years???!

pljmtwabp Music Will Save The World!

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well well well…here we are in this new year…apparently…or so they say….whoever “they”are…

I strongly feel , more and more as the years go by….(sorry for sounding so cliche, but I think cliches are cliches because they were so therightthingtosay, from the beginning and that’s why they became cliche!1)hahah,

right, so I feel that everything, including our perception of time, is simply an invention of us! That’s all, as is everything else!!! If we stay with this mindset then we can also say that we can create wonderful things in  our world and make it a beautiful and productive and peaceful and magical place, and that is the beauty of invention….Let’s invent some wonderfulness ….and then live in it!!

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So I posted a picture of a beautiful sculpture. I was going ot say” one of the most beautiful” but I think there are so many beautiful works of art all around us all the time all over the world that saying “ONE OF…’seems ridiculous.They are all beautiful…because they are art…because they illicit an aesthetic reaction, because great works are from the heart, because, they exhault humanness, because art embodies feeling, craft,physical effort, knowledge,thoughtfulness,impulsiveness,patience,study,time,effort,spontaneity,braveness,revealing

freedom,passion and passion.

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Well well well..it’s amazing what a little pate, poached cod,artichoke salad, lobster ravioli and profiteroles with chocolate sauce can do!!! Not to mention the champagne!!hahahha

Feeling so fired up and ready to move on the exciting new project that is soon to be revealed.Know that I have to move in baby steps but content as long as i can keep the big picture as the goal….

Back to being charged!!!yay!

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