List of Chinese New Year Snacks – Chinese New Year

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The lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is probably the largest celebrated festival in the world today. You can celebrate Chinese New Year festivities from Sydney to Seattle and everywhere in between. Even in places without regular public festivities, many locals are at home quietly watching some of these festivals. You may be surprised to find the Chinese New Year festivals celebrated in your own backyard.

With so many people in America today have Chinese ancestry, Chinese New Year has also become a very popular theme for wedding decorations and chinese new year snacks. You will be amazed by all the traditional Chinese New Year decorations available to you in stores today.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Many Chinese New Year’s celebrations are marked by an outdoor bonfire. Often decorated with candles, it will mark the beginning of new life. It is believed that the flames of a bonfire bring good luck and good health to its owner.

Another tradition is for the family to decorate their houses for Chinese New Year’s Day. Often times, it is the women who decorate. They put up paper lanterns in their windows. Traditionally, these are used to help see to the wishes of the new year. You can read more about the lastest updates on chinese new year 2021.

For other people’s homes, they use Chinese New Years’ trees to celebrate. The Chinese New Year’s tree is the symbol of good luck and good health. In Chinese culture, the tree is considered to be a symbol of immortality and longevity.

When you are celebrating Chinese new year culture, you should also be eating traditional Chinese foods. These foods include noodles and rice, which are a big part of Chinese food history. There are many Chinese restaurants in America today that offer great Chinese food. Many Chinese New Year’s dinners can involve Chinese rice cakes as part of the menu.One of the best ways to enjoy Chinese food is to make it yourself. This is an opportunity to learn about Chinese cooking. You can make some wonderful Chinese food in your own kitchen.

Chinese New Year Celebrations are fun and interesting to attend. There are many different ways to celebrate Chinese New Years, but the best one is to just sit back and enjoy the special traditions of this festival.

The biggest problem for people attending Chinese New Year celebrations is finding somewhere to eat. Fortunately, you have several options. You can eat at local restaurants or Chinese food restaurants. Or you could have a Chinese New Year dinner party, where you serve the food at your home. You can have Chinese food like soups, salads, stir-fries, steaks, and other Chinese favorites. Chinese food is usually very healthy and tastes wonderful.

List of Chinese New Year Snacks

1.Baked Seeds

The Chinese just love their baked seeds. So much so that they even came up with a term specifically for the act of breaking open a seed with your teeth and eating it – kē. Wherever they are, they simply love to kē on baked seeds whether they are sunflower seeds, diaogua seeds, pumpkin seeds, or watermelon seeds.

2.Malt Candy

Malt is the traditional sugar of China. Although it isn’t as prominent today as it used to be, the Chinese customarily make malt candy on the 23rd Lunar December to please the Stove God. It is believed that the Stove God will return on to give blessings or dole out punishment.

3.Malt melon gourd

Malt candy is shaped into a melon in some regions of China including Beijing. The process of making malt melon gourd involves forming tube-like strips of malt after much pounding, twisting, and stretching. To create hollow balls, the tube is quickly snipped allowing for the excess malt to form the stem.

4.Candied figures

Malt syrup can also be used to create delicate and tasty art. In the past, candied figures made out of malt syrup could be seen alongside crowded streets during winter. Merchants used sophisticated techniques and used tools like toothpicks and chopsticks to shape the malt into different figures.

5.Candied haw

Once known as traditional winter-time snacks, hawthorn ball kebabs are now enjoyed by the Chinese throughout the year. These tiny delights are drizzled and coated with malt syrup to heighten the sweetness. Haw fruits can also be substituted or added to red bean paste, grapes, walnuts, begonia fruits, or even Chinese yams!

6.Popped Rice

The presence of glutinous rice in many of the mentioned Chinese New Year snacks makes it apparent that rice is an essential ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Be it steamed, boiled, fermented, stir-fried, or pan-fried, the Chinese just cannot resist rice! Without being drenched in ingredients like butter, salt, or caramel, popped rice maintains its natural flavor. They are fairly easy to make and keeps up with the jolly atmosphere during the Spring Festival as they are also used by children for play.


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